Four-way Line of Sight View For Royal IHC J-Lay Tower

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Royal IHC

Royal IHC asked us to work with them on the installation of the newly-built, 1500-ton J-Lay tower for McDermott International Ltd, onto its converted AMAZON vessel in Rotterdam. The installation involved using the world’s largest offshore crane, the Heerma Sleiplner. Operating the crane safely required clear and reliable lines of sight.

The Solution

In order to ensure that this complex operation could be conducted safely, we used TEXO LiveStream cameras which allowed for an additional line of sight throughout the operation. Often, line of sight is co-ordinated by site personnel, but there are areas where it is not safe for those personnel to be when the crane is in operation. The cameras delivered this extra sightline without putting any site workers at risk.

Four livestream cameras were placed at strategic monitoring positions. They communicated to a central wifi-enabled hub. This ‘out-of-the-box’ solution allowed the site manager to use their tablet to view site positions at all times during the lift project.

Four-way Line of Sight View For Royal IHC J-Lay Tower

The Result

The livestream cameras use the latest in WebRTC technology to create an easily-accessible video stream on the user’s web browser without complicated setups or the need to install software plugins. Pre-configuring the cameras to autoconnect to the site wifi enabled the user to get up and running quickly with minimum fuss.

This enabled TEXO to have 360-degree visibility throughout the installation, all of which was streamed live to a four-way split screen on an iPad held with the responsible person on-site for the operation allowing full operation co-ordination. A remote login was also set up so other personal could login wherever they were based globally to access the live stream as the operation progressed.

Four-way Line of Sight View For Royal IHC J-Lay Tower