Protection matters. Whether it’s keeping your workers safe, securing your commercial and personal data, or you want to reduce your carbon emissions to protect our planet, we are here to help.

We are digital technology experts and specialists in providing advanced digital software and hardware solutions designed to protect your business, people, data, and the environment.

Our solutions are industry proven and used across the globe to help organisations improve their operations in a safe, secure, and responsible way.

Our Solutions


Want to reduce your emissions, save on travel costs, be more efficient with your time? Why send your experts on lengthy and costly journeys, when our Remote Expert system can allow your staff to perform their tasks from the office or home?

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In today’s business world, data is the beating heart of a business. Just like your own heart, data needs secure protection. At TEXO Technologies we believe spreadsheets and paper are not good for the health of your business.

Our data solutions are designed to ensure that you get the best from your data, improve the efficiency of your workforce, and help protect your business from data breaches. They also help you to meet GDPR and other regulatory requirements such as audits and safety checks.

TEXO technologies


Your success is down to your people. You have a responsibility to keep staff, contractors and visitors safe. This is particularly the case in busy and potentially dangerous work environments such as construction sites, ports, energy facilities, and other industrial environments.

We believe technology has a vital role to play. Our Virtual Fence technology can be setup in minutes to monitor danger zones and help prevent accidents. Using the latest in video and artificial intelligence, our solutions can constantly monitor exclusion or restricted zones.

TEXO technologies


As mobile video technology has advanced and the use of devices such as body-worn cameras has become commonplace, the amount of stored footage has increased. This has led to significant challenges in complying with GDPR and Freedom of Information requests.

Our Video Redaction solutions ensure that your video and image data is secure and redacted faster, helping you meet your backlog and reduce your current costs of compliance.

TEXO technologies

Our Training


Investing in your workforce is essential to business success. Competing in an increasingly digital world requires a highly trained digital workforce. Although Universities and higher education provide the foundations, there is still a significant gap between what is learned prior to employment and what is needed by industry.

For this reason, we have developed a software and digital training programme called Graduate To Industry or GTi. We put our own trainees through this programme and are now making this available to our clients and partners.

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