Improving Heavy Lifting Safety at the Port of Blyth

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TEXO Port Services has a duty of care to ensure safety during quayside operations. Moving cargo and equipment from vessel to dock requires heavy lifting equipment, and operators need clear 360° visibility to work safely.

Previously, attaching cameras to cranes to achieve this visibility involves time-consuming setups and metres of cabling to transmit the images to the operator. TEXO Port Services was looking for a quicker, more reliable alternative.

The Solution

We used our mini-camera, which can be attached to the lifting equipment in seconds and immediately sends live-streaming images to the operator. It’s a solution that saves time and creates a safe environment.

In this case, the live streaming from the mini-camera was excellent, with no obvious lag. We placed the camera on the crane’s hook using magnetic attachments block and pointing the lens down gave the operator a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the hook’s position.

The operator was able to view the camera from a smartphone attached to his handheld crane controller, allowing him to stand at a safe distance, and position the load accurately while ensuring no-one else was at the risk. It would also have been easy to stream the view to people who were not on site, allowing them to watch the operation from a project office or other location, saving valuable time.

Improving Heavy Lifting Safety at the Port of Blyth

The Result

“To give an extra advantage we utilised live stream cameras, which made it possible to have an extra line of sight throughout the lifting operation. The cameras were placed where you could not safely locate personnel during installation operations, helping to make the operation much safer for my team. I’m excited about the possibilities these cameras offer, including real-time benefits to lifting operations.”

Alan Conway, Managing Director, TEXO Port Services

Improving Heavy Lifting Safety at the Port of Blyth