Live Remote Worker Test for UTEC Survey

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UTEC Survey

UTEC Survey is an international company providing survey, positioning and data management services to both onshore and offshore projects. The company took part in a live test which connected a remote site worker in Perth, Australia with a project team based in Aberdeen and Bath.

The Solution

The test involved the remote worker using the app to capture images of equipment in the field. The office-based project team accessed the images using the dashboard and were able to see the images clearly, identify areas that needed repair or upgrading, mark the images so that the remote worker could see exactly which areas of the equipment needed attention, and watch whilst the repairs were done.

The Result

The live messaging worked well, and users were able to communicate with no noticeable latency issues. The remote worker recorded a video of the asset and sent it to the platform. The video size was 24MB and it took just three and a half minutes to send. The app was accessed by the remote worker using a Samsung smartphone with a temporary sim card 3/4G connection.

All users were able to view, run and annotate the video in real time to highlight areas of interest. They were also able to create snapshots from the video and save these to the library for future review.


The use of this technology will deliver significant benefits to our daily operations by troubleshooting and pinpointing failure modes, quickly and accurately. The technology also helped with time and date stamp verification, supporting mandatory pre-inspection checks that are required prior to the equipment being deployed, by verifying these inspections with time and date stamp visual footage.

Jon Beatty, Managing Director, UTEC Survey – Geomarine.