Graduate to industry

What we are shaping at TEXO Technologies is a training programme to help Software Engineering Graduates and those transitioning into software engineering become more industry ready.
Although graduates leave education with a good grounding in the fundamentals of software engineering, there is usually a significant gap between their current knowledge and what industry requires.

We’ve taken some of the common components of technology used across industry and shaped a set of training modules that cover areas such as Microsoft.NET, Web Programming, and platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services). What’s different to other initiatives is that we focus on those technologies we know are most prevalently used across the business environment.

The programme is designed to give the trainees the opportunity to help shape the programme as it evolves; after all it is the trainees who will know what works and what doesn’t.

Based on our own technology stack which has been carefully designed to meet industry standards, we will use our existing technologies as the foundation for the programme.

Do you run training courses? Are you involved in skills transformation? Are you an Economic Development Agency? Embed our solutions into your own software and hardware.