Making Waves in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Sports Village selected as TEXO Foundation’s inaugural Challenge TEXO winner, supporting the delivery of free swimming lessons to over 100 nursery children.

TEXO is proud to announce Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) as the first winner of our Challenge TEXO initiative. Through this partnership, we’ll be making a splash by supporting over 100 preschool children at Aberdeen’s Links Nursery & Hub with free swimming lessons.

Funding for current lessons was due to end in March 2024, but TEXO have come on board with ASV to ensure that 110 preschool children aged 3-5 will continue to receive free swimming lessons for another year as part of an initiative launched in 2023 teaching pre-school children how to swim.

This is TEXO’s first project as part of our company wide goal to help support the delivery of free sport to children in the communities in which we work. Further to lessons, all children will also be provided with swimwear and coaches will be provided with kit.

Commenting on the support provided by TEXO, ASV’s Head of Sport, Graham Morrison said: “We are delighted TEXO have agreed to help us support the delivery of free-swimming lessons to local preschool children. Swimming is an essential life skill and under the current economic climate, families are still having to make tough choices in terms of how they spend their disposable income. TEXO’s support is simply invaluable. It ensures that these local children will not miss out on an opportunity that also helps encourage and promote physical activity in children supporting their wellbeing from such a young age.”

Lara Macrae, Centre Manager for Links Nursery & Hub said: “We are beyond thrilled that we can continue to offer our children the opportunity to learn to swim. The project has been a huge success with both children and parents enjoying and appreciating the experience. The swimming lessons have helped with many other areas in the children’s development, helping to build their confidence and social skills and developing their motor skills. This early intervention continues to allow children to access different parts of the curriculum in a fun and creative way which is crucial for their growth and development.”

Chris Smith explains why Aberdeen Sports Village won Challenge TEXO this quarter: “Choosing Aberdeen Sports Village and the Links Nursery & Hub to support this project was an easy decision for us. We understand that these are financially challenging times for many families, and we want to help by providing free access to sports for local children. Offering free swimming lessons at ASV’s Olympic-standard pool presents a truly unique opportunity: giving local preschool children a chance to learn a valuable life skill in a world-class facility.”

Established in 2009, ASV is the largest sporting facility in the North-east and is recognised as one of Scotland’s leading sports and fitness venues. Its world-class Aquatics Centre has an Olympic standard 50m pool, 25m pool and full diving facilities. The Learn to Swim Framework is committed to creating supportive and quality environments in which children can learn to swim, as well as improve their water safety and swimming techniques. The programme is centered around progress and enjoyment, and aims to build a legacy of ‘Generation Swim’ in Scotland whereby children achieve their potential in the pool and out.

Making Waves in Aberdeen