TEXO Launches New Livestream Service

TEXO, the leading engineering, fabrication, asset management and survey company has announced a new service offering: TEXO Livestream.

Based at the company’s head office in Aberdeen, TEXO Livestream has been developed in partnership with Aberdeen-based KITE Technology. “This partnership combines our technology with TEXO’s sector expertise to create an industry led solution to address real industry challenges,” says KITE Technology founder Pat McKay. “This allows customers across multiple projects and industry sectors to remotely monitor, repair and evaluate assets, sharing footage with teams who can be on different continents.”

The solution, which TEXO has been involved in developing, trialling, and promoting, helps to protect workers in remote or hazardous locations, reduces the need for travel to project sites, allows faster decision making and enhances the value of services being offered to clients.

“Livestream was originally conceived to provide live support to remote workers in a real-time environment,” says Colin McHardy, TEXO Livestream Commercial Director. “We are already seeing it being adopted for monitoring and inspection activities, including lifting operations, test and inspection and witness verification. It removes the need for personnel to travel to sites and helps to improve the safety of people working in remote or hazardous areas.”

“We have been heavily involved in the development, trials and testing of this technology,” adds TEXO Managing Director, Chris Smith. “As we’re now looking at more remote working and a demand from clients to be able to monitor and collaborate on projects from many international locations, Livestream offers high quality real-time visual access to sites, helping programmes to reduce costs significantly and save days of travel time over the course of the project.”

A recent deployment of the system involved a remote worker based in Perth, Australia using the Livestream app to capture images of equipment in the field. The office-based project team – in Aberdeen – accessed the images using the dashboard and were able to see them clearly, identify areas that needed repair or upgrading, mark the images so that the remote worker could see exactly which areas of the equipment needed attention, and watch whilst the repairs were done.

“TEXO Livestream offers low cost, scalable and easy to deploy real-time technology across an organisation’s workforce,” says Colin McHardy. “Combined with enhanced worker safety it leads to issues being resolved faster and clear operational and cost efficiencies for the organisations that use it. And, by reducing the need to travel, it also allows businesses to improve their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable business environment. Feedback from clients so far has been excellent, and we are looking forward to bringing this new technology fully to market.”

TEXO Launches New Livestream Service