TEXOTalk August

How the TEXO Foundation began

TEXO’s a group of engineers, surveyors, and constructors – so what are we doing opening a charitable Foundation?

“Anyone who’s ever wondered this should have seen the TEXO carpark on Sunday morning,” explains Richard Lamb, Divisional Director of Workspace Solutions.

Richard was closely involved in hosting the opening event for Supercar Day in the Shire, a special occasion for families affected by chronic or terminal illness. As the carpark filled up, “everyone pulled together with one goal – to ensure the kids and families had the best day ever.”

“I’ve always been a believer that you don’t just turn up and take,” says Managing Director Chris Smith, who launched the TEXO Foundation in 2020. “We’d developed from our HQ in Aberdeenshire, we’d built a site at the Port of Blyth and opened a branch in Essex, and it was time to give back to those communities.

“We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to choose where we direct funds and resources. We’re doing it at grass roots level – people who need a leg up in the community. Up-and-coming sports stars who need support to get to events. It’s not always monetary. We always want to do something extra.”

The TEXO Foundation is not just a bolt-on to TEXO’s core work. It’s becoming the foundation of everything we do. Now our directors have all become involved and they’re all asking the same thing: what impact can TEXO make beyond our business?

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TEXOTalk August