TEXOTalk June

In the next 3 months we’re highlighting work from the TEXO Foundation’s projects with children and young people.

Ever since he started the TEXO Foundation, it was important to Managing Director Chris Smith that the committee wasn’t just handing out cash. “I’ve always believed that if you’re part of a community, you don’t just turn up and take,” says Chris. “We give back to people who need a leg-up – and not always monetary; we want to do something different.”

The Foundation is an endeavour focused on giving resources to the community, supporting small charities and sometimes simply people who are important to the team.

“Chris does a lot behind the scenes,” says Lauren Arnott (DSI Divisional Director). “We hear about issues through our own personal connections, and he’s always keen to help.”

Chris always wants to hear from staff if there are causes or people they’d like to support. This summer there’ll be more in the pipeline for the Foundation.

“If our staff want to run or fundraise for one of our charities, we’ll match whatever they raise,” says Chris. “We’ve got five locations now and we’re building up momentum.”

“Obviously there’s more we can offer than cash,” he points out. “There’s a local school wanting to provide cookery lessons, but they don’t have the facilities. We’re in the planning stages and we want to go in and build them a kitchen during the summer holidays this year.”

Chris also told us about an exciting upcoming project for kids in sport. “I’ve been talking to Russell Anderson [former captain at AFC], who’s built a charity for underprivileged children. Some of them don’t have trainers, some of them don’t even get breakfast. We’re looking at building some Sports Banks where people drop off trainers and t-shirts to help the kids train.”

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TEXOTalk June