As mobile video technology has advanced and the use of devices such as body-worn cameras has become commonplace, the amount of stored footage has increased. This has led to significant challenges in complying with GDPR and Freedom of Information requests.
A 15-minute piece of video footage can take up to 20 hours to be checked to ensure that personal information such as faces, numberplates, and text are redacted prior to being released for use by others.

We are Artificial Intelligence and video experts with a solid understanding of these challenges in sectors such as the police service, government bodies, public transport and private enterprises.

Our Video Redaction solutions ensure that your video and image data is secure and redacted faster, helping you meet your backlog and reduce your current costs of compliance.

Redaction is both time consuming and costly. As video use increases and data privacy regulations become stricter, redaction will become a greater challenge.

Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, video storage and video editing, our Redaction suite will help you address these challenges.

Features Benefits
Auto Redaction Save time and costs
Quality Control Provide assurance
UK Hosted or On-premise Hosted Safe Harbour compliance
Retention Rules Reduce storage costs
Secure Storage Reduce data compromise risks
Live Redaction Comply with privacy regulations

Are you a camera, body camera, laptop or tablet manufacturer? Are you responsible for GDPR and Data Protection? You can embed our solutions into your own software and hardware.