Want to reduce your emissions, save on travel costs, be more efficient with your time? Why send your experts on lengthy and costly journeys, when our Remote Expert system can allow your staff to perform their tasks from the office or home?
Remote Expert combines live video, audio, and a full suite of digital tools to allow advisors, auditors, trainers, inspectors and more to do their job without the need to travel.

Using our Remote Expert system will save thousands on travel and accommodation, improve operational efficiency and help you achieve your Net Zero targets.

Bring your experts to site without the need to travel. Our Remote Expert system combines video calling and streaming with advanced tools such as live annotations, snapshots, and auto storage to our Digital Asset Management solution.

Used across multiple industries including automotive, construction, energy and transportation, our Remote Expert system is a solid, proven, and cost-effective way to improve response times when expert assistance is needed at site.

Reducing travel from office to site, sending one person instead of a whole team, and collaborating remotely rather than organising expensive meetings – that all adds up to lower emissions and a better way of working.
Other organisations using Remote Expert have audited measurable impacts on their carbon emissions, helping them to meet their Net Zero targets.

Why not join them? Embracing new technology is the key to lowering – and eradicating – your carbon emissions for good. Instead of driving to a project site, just jump on the camera stream. Instead of flying to a meeting, use a secure portal to access the data and collaborate with your wider team. Remote Expert gives you all these features and more.


Real-time remote image streaming Real-time remote image streaming
Share feeds with teams worldwide Share feeds with teams worldwide
Create a streaming library <br>for in-house training Create a streaming library
for in-house training
Live video <br>annotation Live video
Record and store <br>for future use Record and store
for future use
Record and store <br>for future use Record and store
for future use

Are you a camera, body camera, laptop or tablet manufacturer? Are you responsible for GDPR and Data Protection? You can embed our solutions into your own software and hardware.