Virtual Fence

Your success is down to your people. You have a responsibility to keep staff, contractors and visitors safe. This is particularly the case in busy and potentially dangerous work environments such as construction sites, ports, energy facilities, and other industrial environments.
We believe technology has a vital role to play. Our Virtual Fence technology can be setup in minutes to monitor danger zones and help prevent accidents. Using the latest in video and artificial intelligence, our solutions can constantly monitor exclusion or restricted zones.

Our Virtual Fence solution takes safety to a new level. It allows you to monitor restricted zones, record anyone entering those areas, and automatically store footage of safety compromises.


Auto detection to detect<br> location of person Auto detection to detect
location of person
Define restriction zones <br>by simply drawing on the live video Define restriction zones
by simply drawing on the live video
Send alerts when a person<br> enters a restricted zone Send alerts when a person
enters a restricted zone
Shutdown equipment<br> automatically Shutdown equipment
Store footage<br> as evidence Store footage
as evidence
Monitor safety<br> compliance Monitor safety

Are you a camera, body camera, laptop or tablet manufacturer? Are you responsible for GDPR and Data Protection? You can embed our solutions into your own software and hardware.